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Eating well on any budget

Many people believe that being vegan is expensive when actually, it's not. Whenever we first became vegan, like many, we were ignorant to the lifestyle and had no clue about the countless meals and ideas that come with being vegan. We only knew that we wanted to live a better life by eating healthier and staying proactive with our own health. At first, we started off eating french fries, salads and sides and as you can imagine, shortly thereafter, we were burnt out. It wasn't until we stayed on path to healthier eating by educating ourselves on the benefits of what we consume, as well as, the options, substitutes and techniques is where we learned that the vegan lifestyle is not expensive after all.

Between working, traveling, school, or whatever else you may encounter in a day, here are a few tips on how to maintain a healthy vegan lifestyle on a budget.

Limit Your Processed Foods

Plan ahead, meal prep and limit your processed foods.

Meat and dairy alternatives are at their highest demands due to the fact that more people are becoming more aware of the benefits a plant-based diet has on the body. Those same alternatives can be a bit pricy if you choose to eat them several times a week. In order to save money, buy your produce (fruits and veggies) when they are in season and cook them accordingly.

Buy In Bulk

Nutritional Yeast and Cashews are amongst a few items that are a staple in the vegan community. Buy your dry items in bulk to save money and multiple trips to the store. Items like nutritional yeast, cashews, nuts, seeds, spices, herbs, and beans can be bought in bulk and stored in mason jars to preserve the shelf life. More than 90% of the time, when cooking at home, you'll be using the same items so prepare to have more than enough in stock.

Be Smart With The Expensive Items

Some items will always be expensive, no matter what.

If you happen to catch an item on sale, buy it. This is rare that the price for your favorite Grapeseed oil is on sale, so if you see it, buy it. Go for the bigger items on the shelf to prevent from buying it twice too soon. If you see a 12oz bag of Spelt Flour and another 24oz bag for $.75 more, grab the 24oz bag. Look for cheaper alternatives if they're available, BUT ALWAYS remember to read the labels to ensure that aren't any added chemicals, natural flavors or other toxic additives before going the cheaper route.

Freeze Your Leftover Items

If you want to buy frozen fruits and vegetables, then by all means, but if you want to buy everything fresh, prep what you're going to use immediately and freeze the rest!

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