Besides being useful in healing snake bites, there are many other benefits of this unique vine. Palo guaco can help treat the following conditions:

· Coughs

· Bronchitis

· Common Cold

· Flu

· Asthma

· Allergies

· Scabs

· Ulcers

· Liver Issues

· Athlete's Foot

· Tumours

· Constipation

· Infection

· Malaria

· Diarrhea

· Chest Pain

· Stomach Pain


Besides helping with these issues, it also helps reduce fevers, acts as a blood cleanser, and heals wounds. It also features anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and pain-relieving properties. With so many potential benefits available to you thanks to taking palo guaco, it is well worth adding this traditional tropical vine to your natural remedies arsenal.

Palo Guaco