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Our Detox Tea is loaded with herbs that may help detoxify your body. The ingredients are Cascara Sagrada, Dandelion Root, Ginger, Palo Mulato, Nettle, Cinnamon, Flor de Tila, Rhubbarb Root, Scizandra Berry, and Red Clover. With all herbs combined, this tea provides a colon, liver, and lymphatic system detox. 


The shelf life for this product is 6 months. 


Keep this product sealed in the original bag in a dark and cool place. 


ALLERGIES & WARNINGS: Do not consume this produt if you are allergic to ragweeds or pregnant. 



Detox Tea Blend

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    Cascara Sagrada could cause complications when used in greater amounts than advised. Do not use the tea bags more than twice. Do not consume more than one tea bag per day. Do not consume more than 1 detox tea per month. 


    This tea has a strong cinnamon flavor and is bitter due to the Cascara Sagrada and Dandelion Root. Use your desired sweetner to enhance the taste of this herbal blend. 


    • Bring 3 cups of water and one tea bag to a boil, then reduce the heat. 
    • Allow the tea bag to sit and simmer in the water for 10 minutes. 
    • Pour the tea into a cup. (Use the bag again to make another tea for the next day.)(Do not consume more than one cup per day. ) 
    • Add Agave or your preferred sweetener.  
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