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Wildcrafted Sea Moss > Farm Grown > Pool Grown: How To Spot The Difference

If you’re reading this article, then chances are you’re new to using sea moss and you want to be educated on the different types so you’ll know what you’re purchasing, or you’ve been using sea moss and now you want to know which one you’ve purchased. We’re here to help. First and foremost, there is no such thing as “Fake” sea moss, or at least not yet. Although there are a variety of different species, there are only 3 different kinds of sea moss and that is wildcrafted, farm-grown, and pool-grown.

Wildcrafted is the better of the 3 options because it grows naturally in its original habitat bypassing human intervention. It is also better than organic sea moss because harvesters can grow “organic” sea moss in farms and in pools, so you’ll never be sure if it came from its natural habitat. Wildcrafted sea moss is naturally occurring and it yields the most nutritional benefits due to its interaction with the properties within its environment. Naturally wildcrafted sea moss absorbs its minerals, trace elements, and macro elements from the rocks and other ocean elements that farms and pools can not replicate. Wildcrafted sea moss is thin, darker in color (no matter the color), and may have color variations between red, green, brown, and purple. It can also contain a little bit of salt but not as much as the farm-grown or pool-grown.

Farm Grown or Ocean Farmed sea moss is grown in the sea but it is not naturally occurring. In order to keep up with the demand, sea moss producers grow this sea moss on ropes instead of from the rocks to make harvesting easier. For this reason alone, farm-grown sea moss does not have as many nutritional benefits as wildcrafted sea moss because the exposure to naturally occurring minerals is limited. Farm grown sea moss is a little lighter than wildcrafted and it is softer in texture containing more salt than the wildcrafted.

The video below shows a side-by-side comparison

Pool grown sea moss is by far, the worst sea moss you can find and it’s heavily saturated on the market today. Many local sellers and markets are selling this kind of sea moss because it is easy to come by. Pool grown sea moss is is made when sea moss producers take sea moss from the ocean and grow it in pool farms. The farms then try to replicate the properties of the ocean by adding salt and other chemicals to these pools and supplying a consistent back and forth motion to replicate that of the ocean. This sea moss grows faster than others and it also contains more mucilage than the naturally occurring wildcrafted sea moss. This sea moss is extremely mineral deficient and does more harm to the body than it helps.


Here is a brief video showing the difference between Wildcrafted Sea Moss and Pool Grown Sea Moss


Overall, try to avoid buying farm-grown and pool-grown sea moss because they lack the vital minerals the body needs to properly function, and using them on the skin could cause an adverse reaction, which is not what you want when using sea moss. To purchase our sea moss click here.

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