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Burdock Root

What if you were told that you didn’t need over the counter or prescribed medications to purify your blood, skin, and even your lymphatic system? What if I told you that a plant could do all of the above? Would you be interested? If so, then you should look into burdock root.

Burdock root has been used and appreciated for thousands of years for its ability to detoxify the blood, amongst other amazing and powerful benefits. Used internally and externally, burdock root has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects on the body. Studies also show that it contains luteolin, phenolic acids, and quercetin, which are all health-promoting antioxidants.

What Exactly Is Burdock Root?

Simply put, burdock root is a plant that’s native to Europe and Northern Asia, although it now grows in the United States as well. It has been used for centuries in holistic medicine to treat various conditions and to increase urine flow, kill germs, purify the blood, reduce fever, treat colds, diabetes, cancer, anorexia nervosa, rheumatism, gout, gastrointestinal complaints, bladder infections, complications of syphilis, and skin conditions including acne and psoriasis. The root is used as food and the seed, root, and leaf are used to make medicine. It is also used for high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, liver disease, and increase sex drive. (1)

Let’s Break Down The Top 10 Benefits of Burdock Root

  1. Blood Purifier - One of the most common traditional uses has been to detoxify the blood and remove toxins from the bloodstream. A study in 2011 found that burdock root effectively detoxified heavy metals from the blood and promoted increased circulation to the skin surface, improving skin health. (2)

  2. Inhibits Certain Types of Cancer - Many herbalists today say that burdock root can stop cancer cells from metastasizing, which makes it a potential natural cancer treatment. Not only does it purify the blood, but two different studies proved that burdock seeds had potent inhibitory effects on the growth of tumors caused by cancers like pancreatic carcinoma. (2) Burdock root also contains arctigenin which is a lignan found in certain plants that have shown to combat cancer cells be selectively stopping the proliferation of cancer cells and by inhibiting the cancer cells’ production of particular proteins (NPAT proteins), hence crippling cancer’s ability to reproduce. One study found that arcticgenin was a cancer-specific phytochemical that killed human lung cancer cells, human liver cancer cells, and human stomach cancer cells. (10) Another study in 2016 found that burdock significantly interfered with cancer cell growth. (3)

  3. A powerhouse of Antioxidants - Burdock root contains multiple types of powerful antioxidants including phenolic acids, quercetin, and luteolin in which antioxidants protect cells in the body from damage due to free radicals. (4) These same antioxidants help reduce inflammation and another study found that it reduced inflammatory markers in the blood for patients with osteoarthritis. (5)

  4. Treats skin issues - Burdock root has long been used to treat skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and acne. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the root can help resolve skin issues when it’s applied to the skin. One study even found evidence that burdock root may help treat topical burns. (6) Scientific studies have also shown that burdock root can improve clinical signs of aging skin. A study done in 2008 showed that topical treatment significantly improved the metabolism of the dermal extracellular matrix and led to visible wrinkle reduction. (9)

  5. Strengthens the Lymphatic System - Since it is a natural blood cleanser, burdock root helps induce lymphatic drainage and detoxification. The lymphatic system is the body’s inner drainage system, which is a network of blood vessels and lymph nodes that carry fluids from tissues into the blood and vice versa. (7)

  6. Natural Diuretic - Diuretics typically stimulate the kidneys and help the body get rid of excess fluid so when consuming burdock root, you can naturally help your body to eliminate excess water by increasing urine output. (8)

  7. Defends Against Diabetes - when trying to manage your blood sugar, burdock root is an excellent choice. Burdock root contains inulin (not insulin), which is a soluble and prebiotic fiber that helps improve digestion and lowers blood sugar.

  8. Enlarged Spleen Treatment - An enlarged spleen is a key indicator that the immune system is fighting to remove threats from the body but failing. Our bodies rely on the spleen to keep the body free from infections, dangerous pathogens, and viruses. Burdock root helps the spleen because the spleen is in contact with your blood and burdock root cleanses your blood while cleaning and protecting the spleen. It improves blood quality as well as liver health, circulation and fights inflammation. Improving those factors has a direct positive effect on the spleen. (11)

  9. Improves Arthritis - Burdock root, known for its powerful anti-inflammatory abilities, can significantly help people suffering from osteoarthritis by lowering inflammatory markers. A study published in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases showed that Burdock root improves inflammatory status and oxidative stress in patients with knee osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease. (12)

  10. Fights Tonsilitis - Acute tonsilitis is a type of inflammatory virus that causes tissues within the tonsils to become infected with harmful bacteria. Burdock root increases wound healing, decreases inflammation, as stated above, and helps to relieve coughs, sore throats, and pain. (13)

The list of benefits are unlimited when speaking of burdock root because it is incredibly beneficial to so many functions of the body as well as many serious health issues. If you’re looking to drastically improve your health or maintain it, then you should definitely give it a try. We have burdock root available in our mega capsules which contain sea moss, burdock root and bladderwrack. The human body is composed of 102 minerals and these capsules contain all 102 minerals the body needs to thrive and you can purchase them here.













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